arbhar Firmware 2.0.2 (Latest Version) – For USB
  • minor bug fixes
arbhar Firmware 2.0.1 – For USB
  • minor bug fixes
  • resolved irregularities in triggering grains through the Strike CV
  • resolved inconsistent quantised pitch selection in Track & Hold.
arbhar Firmware 2.0.0 – For Micro SD
arbhar Firmware 1.6.d
  • Addressed audio throughput glitches that appear in 1.6.b and 1.6.c
  • Addressed reverse grain playback windowing
  • Corrected behaviour of Intensity control that appeared in 1.6.c
  • Improved Strike CV response to allow faster continuous triggers.
  • Implemented algorithm to create a dependency between set grain length and maximum trigger rate of second grain engine.
  • Various smaller bug fixes and algorithm adjustments.
  • Known Issues:
    • Strike Button LED might not fully reflect the actual triggering rate of grains when trigger pulses are less than 12ms.
    • Fast and extreme texture changes might result in audible zipping artefacts.
arbhar Firmware 1.6.c
  • minor bug fixes
  • addressed audio dropouts that could happen on some modules on version 1.6.b
  • improved algorithm to avoid conflicts between play and record head while capturing audio.
arbhar Firmware 1.6.b
  • In the arbhar_config.txt file, Scan CV can be defined to control either playback speed or play head offset when in Follow Mode.
  • minor bug fixes
arbhar Firmware 1.6.a
  • General improvements to control algorithms.
  • Improved grain windowing
  • Improved USB saving and loading.
  • Folder _userfiles is now obsolete, place sound files you want to be able to load into the arbhar layers into the folder _toConvert.
  • Export sound files will increment file names and retain previously saved files for each layer.
  • Export all layers by selecting omega layer and pressing Shift, Capture and Trigger for more than two seconds.
  • New Track & Hold mode. Double press and hold the Shift Button to activate Track & Hold mode. This forces certain specific parameter changes (pitch, pitch deviation, intensity and texture) to only engage on the release of the Shift Button.
    Added arbhar_config.txt automatically created on the USB stick that allows further customisation of some functions. These include:
  • Changing trigger output coming from every grain to triggers of the first grain independent of the intensity.
  • The Capture Gate Input can be set to latching or momentary by pressing the Shift Button and the Capture Button and moving the Dub knob fully anticlockwise (momentary, default) or fully clockwise (latching). When set to momentary, capturing will be activated for as long as a gate signal is held high. When set to latching, capturing toggles on and off with each successive rising edge signal.
  • The phase relationship between output 1 and output 2 can be set changed by pressing the Shift Button and the Capture Button and moving the Hold knob fully anticlockwise (for mono patching, default) or fully clockwise (for stereo patching).
  • Define the stereo spread of the dry granular playback when arbhar is in Reverb Mode.
  • Enable/disable deleting all layer content when omega is selected.
  • Adjusting Strike CV latency. Please note that lower latency settings might result in some problems with some sequencers so that the grain is triggered before the v/oct has been changed.
  • Adjust random intensity behaviour for knob setting clockwise of its centre position. Generate grains at random amplitudes and set asynchronous grain generation. Random amplitude and asynchronous grain generation settings can be adjusted in the arbhar_config.txt file
  • Define centre frequency for wavetable mode.
    Deleting the arbhar_config.txt file from the usb stick will revert all settings to the default settings on creating a new arbhar_config.txt file.
arbhar Firmware 1.5.4 b (Launch Version) 
Lúbadh Firmware 2.0.0 (Latest Version) – For Micro SD
Lúbadh Firmware 1.3
  • Supports multiple file exports to usb
  • Improved re-trigger timing
  • Minor bug fixes
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.f
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved stability
  • Further timing improvements
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.e
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved timing
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.b
  • Minor bug fixes
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.a 
  • Minor bug fixes
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2 
  • Improved crossfade engine
  • New jump to speed feature:
             – Holding down shift and adjusting speed allows you to jump directly to an alternate playback speed, avoiding unwanted portamento
  • Extended record time to 9 mins per side
  • Erase CV optimised for gates and triggers
Lúbadh Firmware 1.0 a (Launch Version) 


Q) Why does capture keep retriggering?
A) Ensure senstivity pot is turned down (to the left).

Q) Why does the scan knob not move the playhead?
A) Check module configuration and ensure it is not in ‘Follow Mode’.

Q) I’ve recorded in sound but i can’t hear anything at the output?
A) Check that the Dry/Wet control is in the correct position. Also check the Intensity parameter, when the knob is at the outer extremities; no grain playback will occur. Maximum grain playback occurs when at 12 o’clock position. 

Q) How do you enable looped buffer recordings?
A) The Arbhar does not have any looped recording / ring buffer functionality. However, using the onset analysis with an appropriate hold time, or timed capturing using the capture cv will enable to get similar results.