Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.b (Latest Release)
  • Minor bug fixes
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2.a 
  • Minor bug fixes
Lúbadh Firmware 1.2 
  • Improved crossfade engine
  • New jump to speed feature:
             – Holding down shift and adjusting speed allows you to jump directly to an alternate playback speed, avoiding unwanted portamento
  • Extended record time to 9 mins per side
  • Erase CV optimised for gates and triggers
Lúbadh Firmware 1.0 a (Launch Version) 


Q) Why does capture keep retriggering?
A) Ensure senstivity pot is turned down (to the left).

Q) Why does the scan knob not move the playhead?
A) Check module configuration and ensure it is not in ‘Follow Mode’.

Q) I’ve recorded in sound but i can’t hear anything at the output?
A) Check that the Dry/Wet control is in the correct position. Also check the Intensity parameter, when the knob is at the outer extremities; no grain playback will occur. Maximum grain playback occurs when at 12 o’clock position. 

Q) How do you enable looped buffer recordings?
A) The Arbhar does not have any looped recording / ring buffer functionality. However, using the onset analysis with an appropriate hold time, or timed capturing using the capture cv will enable to get similar results.