Tš-L is a small form factor, all analogue voltage controlled oscillator. Don’t let its small size fool you! The Tš-L sports 5 unique waveform outputs, two of which have CV controllable timbres. Lots of sound in not a lot of space.






+12V: 60mA
-12V: 40mA


Triangle core analogue oscillator
1V/octave, Coarse and Fine pitch controls
Oscillator soft sync
FM input with attenuator with selectable linear or exponential ranges
Subsquare (1 or 2 octaves below fundamental)
PWM – variable split triangle/double pulse square, CV controllable
Wavefolder with symmetry control and CV over fold depth


The Tš-L has been designed specifically to pack a lot of versatility into a small form factor.

It uses a triangle core circuit at its heart and therefore generates an extremely stable waveform over a wide frequency range. This foundation waveform is used to generate its sine wave which holds form and amplitude consistency across the Tš-L’s wide output range.

The sub output can produce square waves at one or two octaves below the defined triangle/sine frequency. As a result, extremely rich tones can be quickly achieved when outputs are combined at a mixer.

The PWM output generates two waveforms that the user can crossfade between.

When the blend pot is fully clockwise the waveform will form a double pulse shape.

The pot and/or an external CV signal can define the high and low pulse’s widths. This waveform crossfades to a unique split triangle shape that is shaped by the same pulse width control signal.

The wave folder output is a derivative of classic west coast ‘timbre’ circuits. It is driven by a second sine wave shaped from the triangle core. The symmetry pot is an accessible offset parameter which is typically used to calibrate symmetrical curves in a wave-shaped sine wave.

In line with the wave folder, this symmetry becomes an additional timbre control that shifts the harmonic overtone makeup of the final waveform.

The fold CV is normalised to an internal voltage reference which turns the fold pot into an attenuator when external CV is used.