tágh Ltd (Legacy)

Sample and Hold circuits have been a central building block to modular systems since the very beginning and for good reason. tágh incorporates all the essentials you’d expect from a sample and hold module with some added touches.

An internal analogue noise source is normalised to the sample input, this can be internally clocked, scaled, slewed and rectified for a stand alone source of tamed random modulation.

tágh |tʰɤɣ| verb (sampling) to choose, select or sample: to choose a small number of things by making careful decisions




Width: 14HP
Depth: 27mm


+12V: 50mA
–12V: 70mA


  • Sample & Hold
  • Hold & Track (control inverted T&H)
  • Analogue noise source
  • Internal clock
  • Attenuator and optional full-wave rectifier on input signal
  • Slew on output signal