The SCÍON is a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator based on the MidiSprout by Datagarden (

It translates biodata from plants and other living things into music. Tiny changes in electrical current from organic material stimulate CV and gate signals which can be used to control any and every parameter of a patch, allowing to you create music which responds directly to fluctuations at the sensor input.

SCÍON |ˈsʌɪən | noun (biology) young shoot or stem useful for sprouting or forming new roots, a descendant of a noble family




Depth: 27mm


+12V: 70mA
–12V: 10mA


3.5mm input jack for tens cable
Two sets of sensor cables featuring sticky electrode pads or soft clips
Gold touch plate for direct interface with bio-feedback sensor
Four 0-5V CV outputs with independent attenuators and slew controls
Four Gate outputs
Four Gate inputs for triggering ratcheted subdivisions or S&H style clocking
Four Hold buttons to freeze each channels current state
CV controllable SENSITIVITY (0-5V range)
CV controllable note DENSITY (0-5V range)


Derived from the MidiSprout by Datagarden (, the SCÍON is tailored for use within a eurorack environment. Additional functionality and control parameters have been added to make it a flexible and multi-use instrument able to fulfil a wide range of roles within a patch.  

Generative Patching – Let your plants do the playing, utilise the Scion at the heart of your patch and listen to what your plants have to say.

Harmonic Flourishes – Choose from the natural harmonic series or cycle of 4ths and let the SCÍON add harmonic interest to your patch.

Natural Timing – Randomness is an essential tool for adding interest to any patch. The Scion can be used to provide four channels of random CV and gate outputs.

Not random enough? Bursts of ratcheting gates at randomly timed subdivisions can be triggered.

Too Random? Use external cv control and timing information to tame the beast.

Interactive Performance – It’s not just plants, hook yourself up your modular system for direct interactive control over your patch.