Aithēr is a control signal connectivity hub which bridges the gaps between analogue CV, midi and OSC over a wireless network.

That’s right!

The Aithēr brings your modular system into the future as part of the ‘internet of things’. It can generate its own ad hoc network for connecting devices over wifi or can also connect to existing wifi networks.





Depth: 42mm


+12V: 140mA
–12V: 40mA


  • 4 bipolar CV inputs (+/–10V)
  • 4 bipolar CV outputs (+/–10V)
  • Gate in
  • Gate out
  • MIDI in and out
  • Large numeric displays for use as voltage meters on inputs and outputs
  • MIDI input and output jacks for interfacing controllers


The Aithēr can send and receive four simultaneous channels of control voltage signals over a +/–10V range. Each input and output has independent OSC addressing that allows communication to and from devices and software over a wifi network. Each input/output has a 3 digit digital display that presents either the incoming or outgoing voltage levels. These digital displays can also be used to show the module’s IP address for easily connecting devices. For ease of configuration, the Aithēr utilises a web-based interface that can be enabled for access through the web browser of a connected device. By simply entering the module’s displayed IP address into your browser’s address bar will bring up an interface which can configure OSC addressing, midi configurations and available wifi networks.