øchd expander

Meet the Instruō øchd expander ([ø]4^2), an expansion module for one of Eurorack’s most beloved modulation sources, øchd. 

Launched in 2019 and designed in collaboration with Ben “DivKid” Wilson, the Instruō øchd has set a standard for compact and versatile modulation sources which can now be seen across thousands of eurorack systems. The Instruō øchd expander [ø]4^2 adds 16 outputs and 4 new sets of functionality to øchd’s normal operation.

Using øchd’s LFOs as signal sources, øchd expander [ø]4^2 adds full wave rectified unipolar positive LFOs, analog diode logic for minimum and maximum voltage mixing, cascaded stochastic trigger signals for interesting rhythmic patterns, and R-2R 4-bit random voltage sources for all things wild and chaotic – all of which are controlled by øchd’s single frequency control and CV attenuverter.

8 LFOs in 4 HP is great and all, but 24 modulation sources in 8 HP is much, much better.

øchd expander | function (maths) 8+4^2 = more modulation




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Designed in collaboration with Ben “DivKid” Wilson, the Instruō øchd packs 8 all analogue LFO’s into a convenient 4HP package. Each independent core is free running with rates configured from fastest to slowest arranged from top to bottom. Each frequency range was tuned by ear during development to give the optimum spread of control frequencies running in parallel. Being 100% analogue, the LFO’s will phase organically with the ability to ebb and flow together with their global frequency control.

Modulation breathes life into otherwise static patches, but CV sources can often run out quickly. Even in larger systems. øchd adds a lot of movement without hogging a lot of space. Both small lunch box cases and larger set ups can be made to drift, move and organically change over time. With either subtle use of øchd to keep things alive or wider ranging use that drives a whole patch that drifts around itself.

øchd | ɔxg | pronoun (plural in construction) something having eight units or members, amounting to eight in number, a set of this many things.




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EURORACK MODULES HANDBUILT IN SCOTLAND Instruō /ˈin.stru.oː/, [ˈĩː.strʊ.oː]noun. - instruction, teaching/educatingverb. - to build or construct, to provide with information, instruct, teach and inform MODULES dåpf All-pass Filter øchd expander Modulation Source øchd…

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